Meeting PALEOMG! & Steak Tips!

So…. today when I was walking into work I was doing my everyday routine of picking dog hair off my sweater and boom what do I find? a pink thong from the wash stuck to the side of my sweater. Great way to start the day, hey at least it was clean I guess.

I have officially purchased a domain name and once I figure out how to design a killer website this yittle blog will become legit. I figure enough people don’t absolutely hate to read my rants so I mineswell make it official! Also, I will be featuring some exciting guest posts coming soon so if your already sick of hearing from me then you’ll totally love the next blog post!

Anyways, on to my exciting weekend, I attended a cooking class with Juli of Paleomg!! She’s my favorite paleo blogger and shes quirky and makes great food, whats not to love? We made some pancakes and took some pictures and I loved every minute of it! Did I mention I want to be her one day? A girl can dream right?


As a treat since its almost Halloween I’m going to share a recipe that literally has nothing to do with Halloween because no matter what treat I post your still going to get hyfee on store bought deliciousness like butterfingers and laffy taffy. Those may or may not be what I bought for the trick-or-treater’s and have already partially consumed. #faileo


I swear some day soon I’ll get better at taking pictures that look appetizing I usually just attack the food right after its done so getting any picture at all is an accomplishment.

Steak Tip Marinade


2-3 lbs steak tips

1/4 cup honey

1/4 cup maple syrup (optional)

2/3 cup coconut aminos

2 garlic cloves chopped

1 tbs crushed red pepper

salt and pepper to taste


1. Place steak tips in a big ziplock bag for marinating.

2. Pour all ingredients in said bag, place in fridge and let marinate at least 8 hours, overnight is preferable.

3. Take out of bag and grill and consume while marveling at how amazing they are.


Recipe Round-up

A whole post devoted to my favorite recipes?? YOU DON’T SAY! These are my go-to kid tested Kayleo approved favorites minus the whole kid thing since I don’t really have any kids handy  and I’m not sure I know any worthy of the greatness that these recipes will bestow on your palate. Let’s start off with everyone’s favorite category: BUFFALO CHICKEN!!! nuggets, pasta and meatloaf cant really get any more old school than these bad boys.

Buffalo Chicken Pasta, this recipe is fabulous and although it calls for making your own mayo which some people may view as daunting there is one trick that will save you ridiculous amounts of time and frustration, buy an immersion stick blender! Pretty cheap, pretty life changing and if your lucky you can do what I did and just steal it from your mom because she really doesn’t have any use for it anyway! 

Buffalo Chicken Nuggets, Unlike fast food nuggets you wont find any weird, creepy bones in these nuggeys, just pure healthy deliciousness. and there’s even a dairy free ranch recipe at the bottom of this link that I advocate all the way. I made a batch and then proceeded to smother everything in sight with it for the next 2 days. Totally. worth. it. 

Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf,  This recipe is one of my original paleo buffalo loves and I always double it because one is never enough, this will convince even the most solid non believers to come over to the dark side.

Next category, MEATBALLS!!!! Who doesn’t love these? I cant resist em’ and I usually can’t even remotely try to stop eating them. Especially when made bite sized, there’s just something about small food that makes me unable to apply the breaks. The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!

Turkey Meatballs with Spiced Apple Chutney

Italian Meatballs

Turkey Basil Artichoke Meatballs

Avocado Stuffed Meatballs

Curry Meatballs

I also advocate making cauliflower rice with any of these especially the curry ones. 

and now onto pulled meats, one of my personal favorite things to make because its crazy easy to just throw a hunk of meat in the crock pot and arrive home to the smells of tender meaty goodness instead of the usual scent of bulldog drool (YUM!). 


if only this post had scratch and sniff.

Barbacoa, Made this one last night and tried to sneak all the leftovers with me to work to my dismay this plan was thwarted. 

Spicy Skillet Pulled Pork, discovered this one last time I did whole 30 and it was another one I doubled the recipe of so I could hoard for several days of delicious lunch and dinners. 

Breakfast Foods, who doesn’t love a good, solid meat-brick of a breakfast? Usually its bacon and eggs but if you want to get creative or have no time in the morning and need to make ahead these are perfect for you.

Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins

Meat Crust Quiche

Crock Pot Breakfast Pie

and most of these call for breakfast sausage which you can easily make yourself with this recipe, breakfast sausage


And last but certainty not least, ever been to Ted’s Montana Grille and spend a boatload of money on the best bison burgers you’ve ever had? Yep, me too. and then I discovered these, sage bison burgers with balsamic bacon apple chutney, thus forever changing my life for the better. That’s a little dramatic but you get the point. 




Tis’ the Season for Caramel Apple Pancakes!


Although I am a pancake advocate I’m not as much an enthusiast as Pete, who has informed me that I should be writing for the masses and introduce him properly on my blog. So for the .5% of people who read this and aren’t familiar with my life, Pete is my boyfriend who is a full time crossfit trainer at OSCF/ part time pancake whore. He is coaching our gym paleo challenge and decided to also participate so he can feel our pain which makes my life a bit easier and less tempting. His only complaint is lack of pancakes so Sunday I constructed these fine specimens from PALEOMG and was pretty delighted at the results. They were a little sweet for me so I only had half my stack but they didn’t go to waste because they were happily consumed by Pete as his dinner. The “caramel” used on this was amazzzzing and totally going to be used to make another great fall recipe for our tailgate on Sunday. I will post the recipe to that monday-ish, I am pretty excited and came up with this idea on my own for once, I know crazy right!? You didn’t even know I had it in me but BOOM it’ll blow your mind.

Caramel Apple Pancakes Recipe

Speaking of blowing your mind yesterday we were spiraling some noodles for zucchini pasta and Pete decided to spiral a sweet potato, sounds innocent enough right? WELL then he put it in oven and baked and crisped those babies up with a little avocado oil and holllly good god they were beyond good, think curly fries soft yet crunchy. I managed to snap a picture before we devoured them but they did not last long and I pretty much know I need them in my life for at least the next 3-6 days…. cue me just disappearing and people finding me in a pile of curly sweet potatoes just growling  at anyone that comes near me…. its all together too possible.


Lazy Kayleo


So…. sometimes life gets in the way of cooking a gourmet meal and by that I mean I just had to get my hair done last night and opted out of that whole cooking thing. What did I do instead you ask? head straight to Wendy’s to scarf down a Junior Bacon cheeseburger? In my own fantasy I was elbow deep in that thing but instead I took the responsible route and picked up some Paleo Naturals soup at my box after my workout.  Which by the way included some of my most loathed movements, pullups (GAH), heavy thrusters (GHEW), burpees (KILL ME NOW).

Needless to say I wanted some nourishment so I opted for 3 meat chili and picked up another container of beef stew for lunch just to further add to my laziness. Since I was in such a rush to inhale the chili, I did not take a picture but it was your standard chunky chili pretty tasty although I typically prefer my chili to be thick and have minimal veggies. Overall I have been impressed with Paleo Naturals offerings although I do tend to get a little too wild when I buy a bag of mini muffins. They are almost always sold out so when I see there are some in the cooler before my workout I buy them immediately and then proceed to scarf 2 before I even realize it and end up dragging ass in the workout. Then I see there are only 2 left and resolve to just eat those because whats the point of taking it home now?! and then the whole point of buying a snack to save for later is ruined and I am 4 muffins fatter, story of my life.

I may continue this soup bender with some homemade bone broth, “creepy broth” if you will. I have been doling it out to my sick paleo challenge teammates and they seem to feel better with it so hopefully it can help me kick this nasty cold that came out of nowhere. It’s apparently pretty magical and easy enough to make you literally “set it and forget it!!” just like the cheesy infomercials would say. I made mine with the recipe from Balanced Bites website. So if your feeling like your going to get sick or if you got the flu shot then got the flu like I did one year make yourself some creepy broth and be back to scarfing muffins in no time.