Let’s Cover Everything in Caramel!!!!


It’s that time of year for apple picking, football games and covering everything in caramel. I was successful is doing all of these things this weekend so now fall is officially fulfilled and we can move on to snow and winter (NOT!) I’m not the biggest fan of the cold weather seeing as how I willingly chose to move to crazy Deland Florida for college just so I could be warm for 4 1/2 years. Was I warm? yes. Did I once have to pay a guy with a sandwich to retrieve my lost phone? yes. Enough about my ideal weather, let me tell you about my weekend and the fabulous noms I concocted to bring joy to the paleo tummy’s of my fellow tailgaters. I covered apples in paleo caramel and then rolled them in all sorts of toppings like coconut, chocolate chips and nuts, if you think that sounds yummy you would be correct. I also made caramel bananas and paleo apple cider donuts but we managed to consume those before sharing was even a remote possibility. I realize I only really post naughty paleo foods on here but I swear that’s really only my weekends and who wants to hear about the chicken breast with a side of avocado that I ate for lunch? No one.


So Sunday we started off the day by gathering 20+ of our closest gym friends (with a few normal life friends sprinkled in for diversity purposes) and headed off the Foxboro to tailgate the Patriots game. The Paleo food was plentiful and the booze was flowing so you know we had a good time. Some of the my favorite dishes were paleoified versions of Pepper Poppers, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pumpkin cookies, Bacon meatloaf, Barbacoa Meatballs , marinated steak tips, and I’m sure many more consumed with such vigor that I was in a food coma early on. Up until that point I didn’t really think I could get food baby stuffed on Paleo but I proved myself wrong, very very wrong. My dad sold and then magically unsold his tickets to the game so we got to witness one of the most epic wins I’ve seen thus far. All the non believers were gone early on in the fourth quarter but we stuck it out hoping for a little vintage Tom Brady save the game action and oh did we get it. That last touchdown had us jumping through the rows which were so conveniently cleared out and screaming on the top of our lungs. I was both shocked and amused that Pete kept his shirt on as I’ve seen him hulk hogan it over much less exciting developments. BEST GAME EVVVERRRRR. Image

Here is the recipe I used to make the dip for the apples:

Cinnamon Caramel Brownie Apple Dip from PALEOMG

Once you whip this up which is actually much easier than it looks, I took my apples, put a stick in them and dipped them entirely, handed them off to my assistant Cassie who then rolled them in toppings of choice, like I said I used Enjoy Life Chocolate chips, chopped walnuts & almonds and coconuts shreds, you can use whatever your little heart desires. Place on plate lined in parchment paper, stick in fridge over night and ta-da you’ve got a crowd pleaser. You can just forward the thank you cards right to me because if you bring this to an event people will LOVE it.


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