Crockpot Fajitas

Guyssssss can I just start this by saying how overjoyed I am that Tessamae’s just came out with ketchup!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED. Is it sad when this is the most exciting thing in my life on a Friday? probably. but oh well stop judging, you cant tell me your not even the least bit happy that you can enjoy the deliciousness of ketchup without all the creepy high fructose corn syrup crap. no dice? Okay I’ll move on. Just wanted to say Happy Veterans day to all of those who served, this picture shows my appreciation.

Imagenothing says thank you like a pair of star spangled leggings.

Anyways on to the meat n potatoes of this post, I made incredibly delicious crock pot fajitas that I just must share with all of my loyal followers. Sometimes things you troll from Pinterest turn out amazing, other times its just a mess aka every craft I’ve ever tried to recreate, don’t act like your crafts ever come out how the pictures look. But this was a great success that I ended up making into lettuce wraps and topping it with guac and some salsa and a side of spiraled sweet potatoes. I’m drooling just thinking about it and I’ll probably make it again next week because I’m already craving it. Is anyone else anxious Christmas is coming up? This usually means a solid 5-10 lbs of cookie and cocktail weight. Every year I go into it saying I’ll find a way to control myself around bite sized adorable foods but more than likely that’s a pipe dream. I’m going to try and gather some great holiday apps and dishes that you dedicated party goers can cook up and bring to your gatherings so you can show people paleo doesn’t taste like poop and they should stop hating. I’m slowly trying to convert my family into believing that paleo’s cool and they should do it too, my mom listens but the rest of them just kind of tune me out as they enjoy their fine pasta dishes. Every time I make them a paleo dish, my sisters is always surprised that she’s not appalled by the taste. You can always count on her saying “wow this is actually good”.

Do you ever pronounce fajitas FA-GEE-TA’s, cause I always do, I know its wrong but I cant help myself and you can only make these if you agree to pronounce them incorrectly for the duration, got it!? 

Crock Pot Fajita aka Heaven



Just seeing this picture makes me hungry, hurry up and make these things then bring me some because your so thankful that I enlightened you to this recipe! 


4 thoughts on “Crockpot Fajitas

  1. Thanks for the shout out and glad you loved this recipe! So do I, it’s on constant rotation at our house. Question do you have a vegetable spiralizer? I do and all I use it for is zucchini to make zoodles. I need to branch out more. My spiralizer is plastic and I’m afraid the swet potato will brake it. Do you spiral it raw?

    • Thanks for the commwnt! My spiralizer is plastic too, it handles the raw sweet potato like a pro, you’ve got to try it, I usually spiral it throw some olive or avocado oil on top salt and pepper and bake it in the oven for 10-15 mins untill crispy and they are perfect. I’ve always had a problem trying to make perfect sweet potato fries but doing this makes you feel like your eating curly fries, it’s awesome!

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