Guest Post from Steve Blais

Introducing our first guest post from none other than Steve Blais himself, if you aren’t familiar with this character he is the manger at Ocean State Cross Fit, quite the cook and a great success story so I thought you would all enjoy!

Well hello there! Our 3rd favorite Paleo blogger has asked me to write a special guest post for her, and I was more than happy to oblige.

I’m not sure how good a decision it was to ask me to write a guest column, considering my penchant for whiskey and shenanigans, but I’m also a pretty okay success story when it comes to eating properly…

I realize and agree that the blatant selfie should include WAY MORE duckface, but let’s be honest, the 50 lbs lost by following the Paleo diet went a long way from December 2011 to August 2012.  And yes, I totally have a poof thingy in my shower.  I like to exfoliate – deal with it.

So how did I do it? How did I dig myself out of the black hole of despair and stop being, as an ex called it, 7 months pregnant? Easy.

I got sick of being winded walking up stairs.  I, for once, wanted to take pride in myself.  And really, I wanted to look way better and piss off the aforementioned ex (totally worked by the way.  Vengeance ftw.)

So I stopped having donuts for breakfast, and decided to try eggs instead.  I still don’t like eggs, it turns out.  They smell yucky.  But it got me thinking – how do I balance out the most important meal of the day? I hadn’t ever thought about that before.  So I started researching.  By which I mean I started throwing stuff into a blender and seeing what tasted good.  Trial and error led me to the discovery that almond milk, liquid egg whites, almond butter, and a banana are pretty amazing together.  And a few days a week, I have that for breakfast.  With a coffee.  Because coffee is my homeboy.

But that got me to thinking – if I can address breakfast this easily, why not start looking at other meals? Good frickin’ question.  So I did.  And it turns out, it’s simple to do.  I’m a pretty decent cook, I think (I’m an amazing cook, but I don’t like to brag), so I tweaked recipes here and there, bought a slow cooker, and went cuckoo bananas in my culinary delights.  And here is my favorite recipe by far.

BBQ Beef Short Ribs


3lbs Beef Short Ribs (grass fed = happy friends and family)

1 red onion

1 white onion

1 orange

1 bottle of Tessamae’s Paleo BBQ Sauce

½ tsp salt

½ tsp black pepper

Take that orange, cut that bad boy in half, and put it in the bottom of your slow cooker.

Those onions? Chop that shit, baby.  We’re making dreams happen, and you want them to be delicious and junk.

Season your meat with salt and pepper.  Pretend you’re on Top Chef or one of those other crazy ass cooking shows – no one wants to stand in front of the judges and hear all about how you screwed up and under-seasoned your meat. We’re not Communists.  Get your shit together, man.

Put your meat into the slow cooker; grab your BBQ sauce, and dump that bad boy on top of the beef ribs.

Want to make your sauce taste spicier? Add some cayenne pepper to it before you dump it.

Want it sweeter? Chop up some pineapple or an apple, throw the fruit and contents of your sauce into a blender, and mix it, baby.

After you’ve added the sauce, turn the slow cooker onto High for 6-8 hours, or Low for 8-10.  Serve, enjoy, and if there’s anything left, bring me some.

Hope you enjoyed my insane ramblings.  Maybe we can do this again sometime.  Thank you.  God bless you, and God Bless America.