Lazy Kayleo


So…. sometimes life gets in the way of cooking a gourmet meal and by that I mean I just had to get my hair done last night and opted out of that whole cooking thing. What did I do instead you ask? head straight to Wendy’s to scarf down a Junior Bacon cheeseburger? In my own fantasy I was elbow deep in that thing but¬†instead I took the responsible route and picked up some Paleo Naturals soup at my box after my workout. ¬†Which by the way included some of my most loathed movements, pullups (GAH), heavy thrusters (GHEW), burpees (KILL ME NOW).

Needless to say I wanted some nourishment so I opted for 3 meat chili and picked up another container of beef stew for lunch just to further add to my laziness. Since I was in such a rush to inhale the chili, I did not take a picture but it was your standard chunky chili pretty tasty although I typically prefer my chili to be thick and have minimal veggies. Overall I have been impressed with Paleo Naturals offerings although I do tend to get a little too wild when I buy a bag of mini muffins. They are almost always sold out so when I see there are some in the cooler before my workout I buy them immediately and then proceed to scarf 2 before I even realize it and end up dragging ass in the workout. Then I see there are only 2 left and resolve to just eat those because whats the point of taking it home now?! and then the whole point of buying a snack to save for later is ruined and I am 4 muffins fatter, story of my life.

I may continue this soup bender with some homemade bone broth, “creepy broth” if you will. I have been doling it out to my sick paleo challenge teammates and they seem to feel better with it so hopefully it can help me kick this nasty cold that came out of nowhere. It’s apparently pretty magical and easy enough to make you literally “set it and forget it!!” just like the cheesy infomercials would say. I made mine with the recipe from Balanced Bites website. So if your feeling like your going to get sick or if you got the flu shot then got the flu like I did one year make yourself some creepy broth and be back to scarfing muffins in no time.